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Jeff Hasen's book "The Art of Mobile Persuasion" 

Jeff Hasen's book "The Art of Mobile Persuasion" 

I was recently invited by Jeff Hasen of POSSIBLE Mobile to speak on his podcast "The Art of Mobile Persuasion". Our conversation ranges across a few different topics but focuses on how emerging technology is impacting the way that brands reach customers on mobile. In 2017, it's not just about having a mobile presence but bringing something to market that is data-driven and highly engaging for users.

There's a few key themes from our conversation that I wanted to highlight:

  1. What 'digital transformation' means - A term that certainly gets used quite a bit by people in technology. My personal view is that digital transformation revolves around a brands mix of creativity and technology to open up new markets.
  2. Mobile is the gateway - Mobile applications can be highly personalized and collect a great deal of information on how consumers are engaging with a brand. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality will bring new ways for brands to build strong relationships with their customers. This will lead to greater amounts of data generated for the brands that execute on this right.
  3. "Digital Product Mindset" - Brands will need to be iterative and agile based on the way that we discussed 'digital transformation'. They will need to see digital assets such as websites, mobile apps, and other technology-driven experiences not in silo's but as part of a broad, cohesive strategy. This shift to a 'digital product mindset' is going to be especially difficult companies that traditionally have only manufactured physical goods. But necessary.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the points above and I'd encourage you to give the podcast a listen here on Episode 21.