The New Silk Road Pt. 2 : Hardware

Huaqiang Electronic World in Shenzhen, China

China as the Gateway to Launch a Consumer Electronics Startup

The route of the Silk Road covers around half of mankind from a population standpoint. I mentioned the investment in internet technologies but there will also be new roads, ports, and better ways to deliver goods and services to those populations. The focus here is on goods. Shenzhen, the world’s capital for making electronics, is only a quick hour drive from massive ports in Hong Kong and a 2 hour flight (with 17 per day!) to the center of the New Silk Road in Xi’ian.

With the infrastructure rolling out from south China like a red carpet, it’ll be extremely easy to connect a consumer electronic device to any market along the New Silk Road. Incubators such as Brinc and HAX are going to have increased value over the next few years as they continue to give access to the top consumer electronics startups from around the world that need to take advantage of the areas manufacturing know-how. It’ll be interesting to see how Shenzhen/Hong Kong’s startup scenes change as this economic policy matures.  

Next up: I'll finish up these posts on the New Silk Road with a look to some of the lesser-known startup ecosystems that stand to gain a lot from China's new economic policy. 

Have you traveled to Hong Kong, Xian, or Shenzhen and have some experiences to share? Building a hardware startup that is looking to take advantage of the knowhow in China? Feel free to leave a comment!