Pacific Standard Time   (UTC -8) 

About This Blog: 

As a local, Pacific Standard Time has been the center of my world but it’s also been a launch point for me to go off and see some of these incredible places. From small cities to large, across the US and the world. My curiosity has gotten me to some incredible locals and my interest in technology has given me incredible insight into how fast some of these places are changing. From China to Portland, I’ve been able to peek into the inner-workings of various places around the world to see the impact technology has made on them. Businesses, governments, investors, universities, and every day citizens are experiencing rapid change in how they live their day to day lives. 

About Me: 

I’ve spent my entire career working in the international startup ecosystem.  I’ve been able to see first-hand the impact that the startup revolution is having on economies all over the world, from Europe to Asia, from Africa to Latin America. Starting off in 2011, I was lucky enough to be in the midst of the emerging Portland startup ecosystem working out of the Portland Incubator Experiment with community leaders Jason Glaspey and Rick Turoczy. From there, I took up running business development at cloud analytics startup Cloudability. I was able to see the global power of 500startups, Techstars, and the Global Accelerator Network while running around the world building partnerships. I’ve since spent time leading the community at Kairos Society, a global organization of young entrepreneurs. I get to to work with young entrepreneurs and startup community builders in over 30 countries around the world. Day to day, I work for the mobile development platform Xamarin helping partners around the world build great mobile apps. 

Why Pacific Standard Time? 

The name, Pacific Standard Time, comes from the perspective that I’m writing from and the place that I’ll always call home. My hope, through this blog, is to capture some of the major developments that are taking place around the world. All the things that are happening, from my backyard and beyond, due to technology. To document and start a dialogue around how all of these different places are changing and to get new perspectives from you, the reader. 

Cheers from PST,